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Vex 3

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Vex 3 is the last part of the long-awaited game about crazy parkour. Even more action, jumps and challenging levels await you in the third version of the beautiful game. Very high quality and exciting game, with which you will have a great time and will surely love it. You should be prepared for the fact that you will have to show all of the skills to survive, after all this is what you are going to do in this game. Besides getting to the main portal, you will need to collect stars, which will be used as bonuses for scores. Continuation of dynamic platformer, in which once again you will have to lead a little man through multiple obstacles and traps on the way to exit. The best master of parkour can show incredible tricks of different obstacles passage in extreme conditions. You'll have to help him overcome all the objects that appear in front of him. On his own stupidity, he got into a trap, getting out of which is virtually impossible. Run, jump from platform to platform and go through all the tests prepared for you. In this online flash game incredible adventures expect you in the form of super parkour. You will control a small stickman that can easily cling to the wall. While running, press the button “down”, to let the hero begin a slide, push away from walls to get to the top and try to do everything as quickly as possible to get more points. The game will include large colored blocks, spikes and master parkour. If you enjoy high-quality flash platformer in which you will be presented a lot of tests in the form of difficult levels full of danger, you should surely play this game. The gameplay presents classic "run and jump" style. Vex 3 has a lot of modes: arcade, puzzle, and even online. Worthy graphics is of particular note: 3D with beautiful neon colors and vivid special effects. Try to find 10 hidden stars and show the best time for each try to beat the highest score. Show your best skills of parkour and put records in levels. Feel free to jump across the gap and avoid various dangerous moving objects. Try to handle in the shortest possible time. To control motion use - WASD or arrow; to restart - R; to pause - P.

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